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Defensive Driving Tips to Protect You and Your Family

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Most of us take driving for granted. However, it may be the potentially most dangerous thing we do. Often we don't have control of other motorists and their unsafe behaviors behind the wheel.  But you can control your own. By following defensive driving guidelines, you decrease your chances of being involved in a car accident.

How to Drive Defensively to Keep You and Youdefensive_drivingr Family Safe

Defensive driving is more than following traffic laws and ordinances. It involves a more proactive approach designed to make you a safer driver and to help you avoid getting into an accident. Here are some defensive driving tips to follow:

  • Stay focused. It may seem obvious that you should remain focused while driving. Yet many people allow themselves to become distracted by eating and drinking, talking on a cellphone, texting, and other activities. Don't engage in these distractions, and remain focused on your driving and your surroundings. Be conscious of what's ahead of you down the road.
  • Never drive when impaired. If you are intoxicated by drug or alcohol use, your reaction times and general reasoning abilities necessary for driving are impaired. Never drive after consuming drugs or alcohol.
  • Have an escape plan. Since you can't predict the actions of drivers, animals, or pedestrians around you, you want to be constantly aware of potential escape routes that you could use to avoid a crash.
  • Maintain safe distance. Even if the driver ahead of you is driving below the speed limit, maintain a safe distance between your vehicles. Following this rule faithfully can help you avoid causing a rear-end collision.
  • Avoid aggressive and road rage drivers. Your best strategy for dealing with aggressive drivers or those engaging in road rage is to avoid them. Get out of the way if they're tailgating you, speeding, or making aggressive or threatening gestures or actions.
  • Wear your seat belt. Always wear your seat belt and insist passengers do, too. This practice can significantly reduce your risk of serious injuries or death in a crash.
  • Use your turn signals. Your courtesy lets other drivers know when you're planning to turn or merge into another lane. Flip on your signal with sufficient time before you proceed to warn other motorists.
  • Monitor your blind spots. Be certain to check for any vehicles before taking actions, such as merging onto the highway or into another lane. In addition, be aware of other drivers’ blind spots when they're unable to see you, especially semi trucks.


Even if you're already a defensive driver, this doesn't guarantee that you won't be injured in an auto accident caused by another individual. If you must file a claim for compensation, Alan Morton is here to investigate your crash, file your claim, and negotiate your settlement. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation to learn how Mr. Morton can help you hold the negligent driver accountable.


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