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FMCSA Rules on Truck Maintenance Would Work if They Were Complied With

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It is essential that trucking companies maintain and repair their trucks given how many miles big-rigs are on the road and the risk of serious accidents. Unfortunately, many trucking companies ignore the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) rules on truck maintenance because of the cost of repair and the loss of profits if the truck is off the road. This causes life-changing injuries and deaths to the innocent motorists hit by the unmaintained trucks.

FMCSA Requirements for Truck Inspections and Repair

FMCSA has enacted detailed rules regarding trucking company and trucker responsibilities to inspect, maintain, and repair their trucks. Some of the important rules include:

  • Requiring trucking companies to systematically inspect, maintain, and repair their trucks and the trucks’ components. Parts and accessories must be in good working order at all times.
  • Requiring trucking companies to ensure that their trucks are properly lubricated and free of oil and gas leaks.
  • Prohibiting trucking companies from operating trucks in a condition that is likely to cause them to break down or to cause an accident.
  • Authorizing FMCSA special agents to inspect a trucking company’s trucks and their components. If the agent finds the truck or a component would likely cause an accident or a breakdown because of a repair or loading issue, the agent can mark the truck as “out of service.” The trucking company and its truckers are prohibited from operating the truck until all repairs have been made.
  • Requiring the trucking company to certify within 15 days of receipt of the “out of service notice” that all repairs are done.
  • Requiring the trucking company and the trucker to prepare and retain reports regarding their regular inspections and repairs.
  • Truck companies and truckers routinely ignore these important safety requirements that would help prevent accidents. In some cases, the violations are so severe that FMCSA has ordered trucking companies shut down. However, in many cases, these unsafe trucks are sharing the road with innocent motorists.

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