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Blogging About the Law Keeps Boise Personal Injury Attorney Connected

By blogging about current legal issues, trends in the law, and other topics of interest, Boise personal injury lawyer Alan L. Morton stays connected with the people who regularly visit his law firm’s website. Mr. Morton writes about the issues that impact employees seeking workers’ compensation benefits in Idaho as well as the issues that impact people injured in Boise traffic accidents or other accidents.

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Boise Trial Lawyer Alan Morton show his thanks to members of the Treasure Valley by finding opportunities to serve them.

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How to Select the Right Trial Lawyer for You!

Boise Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Trial Lawyer Alan Morton discusses the 7 questions to ask in helping decide which lawyer is the right lawyer for you.

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Are Confidentiality Provisions in a Settlement Agreement Taxable or Not?

Idaho Personal Injury and Malpractice Attorney Alan Morton discusses the consequences of confidentiality agreements and "gag orders" and how to protect yourself

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"First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers!"

Boise Personal Injury and Malpractice Attorney Alan Morton discusses recent attack ads against trial lawyers.

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