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You Will Have to Hurry to Get the Truck’s Black Box to Prevent Evidence From Being Destroyed

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When most people think of the “black box,” they think of the black box rescuers search for after an airplane crash. Victims of a truck accident may not realize that the truck that hit them most likely also has a black box—also known as an electric data recorder. It could have recorded vital information regarding the truck’s performance and the driver’s actions right before the collision occurred—critical information to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Why the Truck’s Black Box Is So Important to Your Case

The information recorded in the truck’s black box can help an accident victim’s attorney prove the cause of the accident and that the trucker’s negligent driving or the condition of the truck caused the crash. In complex cases, an accident reconstruction expert could use the data in the black box when reconstructing how the collision happened. Helpful data to your case could include:

  • Whether the truck’s airbag deployed
  • The truck’s speed at the time of the crash
  • Whether the trucker was braking or accelerating prior to the accident
  • GPS information regarding the truck’s location at certain times
  • Communications between the trucker and trucking company, including e-mails which can help prove maintenance issues, trucker fatigue, and admissions of fault by the trucker
  • Tire pressure
  • The number of times this truck was involved in a crash
  • Whether the driver was wearing a seat belt
  • Number of hard stops
  • RPM before any hard stops
  • Whether the clutch was engaged

You Need an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Who Can Act Quickly

The data on truck black boxes is often recorded over every 30 days, so you need to contact an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible who understands the need to move quickly before this crucial information is destroyed. He will want to work out how the information will be downloaded from the black box or hire an expert to watch the download to avoid any “unintentional” problems with the download.

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