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Only Cancer and Heart Disease Cause More Fatalities Than Medical Errors

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A new study by John Hopkins University School of Medicine reaches frightening conclusions for anyone needing medical care. Scientists at John Hopkins determined that medical errors caused 251,000 deaths of patients in U.S. hospitals in 2013 and was the third leading cause of death after cancer and heart disease. This results in many patients tragically suffering serious injuries or dying from a medical professional’s error.

Common Causes of Medical Errors

The study evaluated four separate studies that had examined medical death rate data in reaching its conclusions. The researchers determined that main ways medical errors occur include:

  • Diagnostic errors. This involves misdiagnosing the patient’s medical problem due to substandard care. It results in patients receiving treatment for problems they do not have while the true condition goes unchecked—often with disastrous results.
  • Drug mishaps. This can include prescribing the wrong medication, giving the patient a medication that was not ordered or in the wrong dosage, or not checking for a patient’s allergic reactions to certain drugs.
  • Unnecessary surgery. Unfortunately, some doctors have performed surgery on the wrong patient or performed the wrong type of surgery for the patient they are treating. This can lead to life-altering changes to a person’s life, complications from the unnecessary surgery, or death.
  • Not referral to specialist. Failing to call a specialist when necessary can result in a serious medical condition being missed or the patient not receiving the best quality treatment for his condition.

What to Do If You Are the Victim of a Medical Error

These are just a few of the mistakes your doctor could have made. If you believe you suffered injuries due to your doctor’s or another medical professional’s medical error, you could have a claim for medical malpractice. You could be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. However, you need to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney quickly to not miss the deadline to sue. Call me at 888.716.8021 for a free consultation to learn how I can assist you.

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