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How the Defense Will Try to Ruin Your Defective Product Lawsuit

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You take great care to keep your garden healthy and pristine. Each day you water and inspect it, and get rid of any weeds or dying vegetation. You’ve used a certain set of pruning clippers for years because they give you the result you desire. Today when you used them, however, you experienced something different.

While cutting some of the dying leaves from your plants, a blade from the pruning shears became loose and actually flew towards your face quite forcefully. You experienced surprisingly deep lacerations that required stitches and treatment from a plastic surgeon. You believe the manufacturer should be held responsible for your injury.

How the Defense Will Attempt to Prove You Are Wrong

If you go to court, prepare for the defense to attempt to create holes in your claims. It will try to do so a variety of ways:

  • The defense lawyer will say you weren’t using the product correctly. The defense may attempt to prove that you were using the product in an incorrect manner, which is the reason why it malfunctioned. For instance, if you used the shears to cut wire instead of plants, the defense attorney could attempt to sway the judge into believing that had you been using the pruning shears the way you are supposed to, that you may not have suffered the injury.
  • The defense lawyer will say you were warned this could happen. Some manufacturers will warn consumers of potential problems that can occur with their products. The defense could attempt to prove that you were warned that this type of malfunction could take place, and that you are not entitled to compensation because of it.

Having a Strong Legal Team on Your Side Can Help

The manufacturer could lose lots of money if you win your case, which means it will have the one of the best legal teams available defending it. Attempting to go up against such legal minds could end in you losing your case. Instead, hire the attorneys of Morton Law Offices to fight for your rights.

We have lots of experience representing clients in the Boise area, and feel we may be able to help you too. Connect with us today to speak with an attorney about your case.

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