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Does Your Loved One Exhibit These Signs of Verbal Abuse at His Nursing Home?

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man in nursing homeCaring for elderly patients can be stressful, especially when some of them may have mental or physical limitations and nursing homes may be short-staffed. However, this doesn't give nursing home caregivers permission to mistreat, neglect, or abuse residents who are dependent on their care. Sadly, verbal abuse is often one of the first ways some staff members cross the line and harass vulnerable residents.

What Are the Indications That Someone Is Being Verbally Abused?

Verbal abuse takes many forms, including yelling, shouting, threatening, intimidating, insulting, and blaming a resident. And facility staff members aren't the only perpetrators—other residents can become verbally abusive, sometimes picking on a certain individual repeatedly.

Because there aren't physical signs of verbal abuse, it can be harder to detect. However, victims can exhibit behavioral changes that can cause long-term mental health problems for them. If you see these changes in your loved one, he or she could be the victim of verbal abuse:

  • Withdrawing from socializing with family members, nursing home staff, or residents
  • Having sudden low self-esteem or making derogatory statements about himself
  • Displaying mood swings
  • Not making eye contact with family members and others
  • Speaking less
  • Expressing fear or a sense of hopelessness
  • Becoming more aggressive or angry
  • Having insomnia or other problems sleeping
  • Having changes in his eating patterns or appetite

How Can Verbal Abuse Hurt Patients?

Verbal abuse can traumatize a nursing home resident and cause long-term psychological damage. Patients are often even more vulnerable when they first enter a facility and after going through the trauma out of moving out of their home. In addition, patients who suffer from dementia or other cognitive disorders may have a harder time understanding what's happening to them. Bullied individuals suffer depression and other psychological disorders. This emotional stress can lead to physical health problems such as weakened immune systems and serious infections.

Do you believe your loved one is being verbally abused at his nursing home? Call our office today at 888.716.8021 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you stop the abuse.


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