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What are some facts about ACL injuries and workers’ compensation?


You were on the job site, working a few feet off of the ground. Someone was careless and bumped into you, causing you to fall to the ground and injure your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). You can’t walk, are in pain, and the doctor said you need to rest. Here are some common facts about ACL injures and getting workers’ comp.

ACL Injuries Are Common

Close to 200,000 people injure their ACLs each year, says the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Although many of the victims are athletes, this injury can happen to anyone who moves in such a way that causes the ligament to tear.

Women Are More Prone to the Injury

Doctors aren’t sure why, but women are more likely to suffer from torn ACL injuries than men. However, it is thought that the reason could be due to a woman’s hormones or the construction of her leg. Because of the frequency, women should perform exercises to help strengthen their legs and possibly prevent injury.

Not All Injuries Require Reconstructive Surgery

One of the main functions of the ACL is to stabilize the knee. If your injury isn’t that severe, or you do not have a lifestyle or job that requires a stable knee, you may not need surgery. Unfortunately, if you do not receive the medical treatment you require, you could develop serious problems, such as nagging pain and premature arthritis.

Missing time away from work due to an ACL injury could result in serious debt. Boise workers’ compensation may help you recover the wages you lost, and help to pay for your medical bills related to the injury.

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