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Why does nursing home abuse occur in Boise?



Nursing home abuse is a common and heartbreaking occurrence. Family members place their loved ones in nursing homes to provide the care they are unable to. Yet sometimes, that care isn’t given and abuse takes place. It’s difficult to understand why nursing home employees would cause harm to those they should care for. Here are a few reasons why nursing home abuse could take place.

The Stress of the Job

Providing care for an elder who suffers from a physical or mental impairment can be extremely stressful. Unfortunately, some caregivers take that stress out on those they take care of. Getting rid of their frustrations can sometimes result in the physical or emotional abuse of the elder.

Personal Problems

Some caregivers struggle with their own personal problems, which can result in abuse. For instance, alcoholism, drug dependency, or an emotional disorder can cause them to believe that the harm they are causing is appropriate. They may also feel so upset with themselves or their situation that they take it out on the helpless elder.


Over time, some caregivers begin to resent the people they have to take care of. Instead of finding another job or dealing with their resentment in a healthy way—they abuse the elder.

Each abuse case is different and the culprits can vary. However, one theme that is the same throughout all of them is that they shouldn’t have happened. You trusted the nursing home to care for the elder and instead, someone hurt the person you love.

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