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How many child athletes become injured or die each year from sports-related injuries?


When your child wanted to play soccer for the Idaho Youth Soccer Association and football for Optimist Youth Football and Cheer, you were supportive and excited. But now that he wants to try out and play for the Boise High School team, you’re a little nervous, and you should be—high school athletes frequently suffer injuries. Taking a look at how many child athletes are hurt or suffer from wrongful deaths may shock you.

Sports and Injury Statistics

  • Baseball and softball. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2009, nearly 110,000 children ages five to fourteen were treated for baseball-related injuries. Baseball also has the highest fatality rate for children ages five to fourteen, with three to four children dying each year.
  • Football. Almost 215,000 child athletes ages five to fourteen went to the emergency room for football-related injuries. Around 10,000 children were hospitalized because of their conditions.
  • Basketball. About 170,000 children ages five to fourteen were treated at the hospital for injuries that occurred while playing basketball.
  • Soccer. Approximately 88,000 children ages five to fourteen went to the emergency room with injuries sustained from playing soccer.


Around 3.5 million children under the age of 14 are injured each year while playing sports. Although deaths are rare, the number one cause of sports-related fatalities is brain injury. Sports and recreational activities account for 21 percent of all traumatic brain injuries among children and adolescents.

If your child was the victim of wrongful death due to a sports injury, the legal team of the Morton Law Offices may be able to provide assistance. Contact us today to speak with an attorney about receiving compensation from those responsible for this tragic event.

If you know the parent of a child athlete, we encourage you to share this information with him or her.

Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer