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I received an impairment rating from my doctor. How do I get the surety to pay me money for disability benefits over and above my impairment rating?


Most sureties will claim that once you reach the status of "Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)," the only compensation you are entitled to receive is compensation for your impairment if a physician provides you with an impairment rating. However, you may be entitled to considerable compensation over and above payment for your impairment if given your permanent work restrictions and/or limited capacity to work reduces your earning capacity or our ability to "compete in the open labor market." In other words, you may qualify for additional workers compensation benefits over and above impairment for permanent disability payments if your injuries caused you to lose access to any jobs that you may have been qualified for prior to the injuries you incurred as a result of an industrial accident or exposure to an occupational disease.

If you have been injured by an industrial accident or incurred an occupational disease, you should contact an experienced workers compensation attorney. Boise Workers Compensation Attorney Alan Morton has over 33 years of experience in handling workers compensation claims. Mr. Morton is available to provide you with a free initial consultation at his office or your home, workplace, hospital or any other convenient location to discuss your legal rights and remedies. Failure to contact an experienced workers compensation attorney could be prejudicial to your claim. You can reach Mr. Morton by calling 208.344.5555, toll free at 888.716.8021 or by completing an online contact form.


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