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What are some of the psychological effects men experience when they are victims of sexual harassment?


You go to work to earn money and support your family. You don’t go to work to experience embarrassing propositions, inappropriate comments about your sexuality, or pressure from a supervisor. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens every day.

As a man, you never thought you’d be the victim of sexual harassment. But right after you moved to Boise and took a job in the city, that’s what happened.

Sexual Harassment Affects Victims Physically and Emotionally

Victims of sexual harassment are affected in a variety of ways, some of which can follow them throughout the course of their lives, even after the harassment has stopped. Perhaps the most damaging effects of harassment are emotional, including the following:

  • Relationships with others are often affected. Feeling intimate towards others is often difficult when you are the victim of sexual harassment. You may find that the stress of the harassment causes problems in your marriage or partnership as you feel withdrawn, depressed, angry, and emasculated. Additionally, harassment victims often have problems interacting socially with others because of the abuse they experience at work.
  • Psychological damage. You aren’t to blame for the sexual harassment, but you might feel like you have done something wrong. As a result, you may feel ashamed, embarrassed, bad about yourself, guilty, or even suicidal.
  • Fear. You may live in constant fear of your harasser, as you might be afraid of what he or she may do next. Additionally, if you decide to report the harasser, you may fear retaliation against you.

Don’t Fight This Battle Alone

If you decide to report your abuser, you may end up going to trial. Instead of walking into Ada County Courthouse alone, enlist the help of an experienced legal team that will fight for your rights and seek the justice you deserve. Morton Law understands that no one deserves to be harassed and wants to help you. Sexual harassment victims may need treatment for their abuse years down the road, and should not have to pay for it. Don’t let your abuser get away with it.