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How can I help my child get through the emotional pain of his bicycle accident?


While your son’s broken leg and lacerations have healed, he’s not completely over the trauma of his bike accident. He only tells you a little about what he’s feeling, and you’re just not sure how you can help. Unfortunately, his trauma may need more than a mother’s love. He may need professional help and you may need legal help to make sure the party responsible for the accident is held accountable for his recovery.

Emotional Trauma Often Runs Deep

That negligent driver changed your son, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the boy you know to return. Start with the following steps:

  • Follow his cues. Some children want to talk about the accident, while others will refuse. Depending on yours, either encourage him to communicate, or allow him to keep silent. Forcing him to talk about the accident when he doesn’t want to can cause anxiety, fear, and frustration, and may make him relive the scene, which can set back his progress.
  • Don’t force him to ride again. There’s a saying about getting back on the bike as soon as you fall off, but this doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, forcing him to ride before he’s ready may simply increase the anxiety and stress he feels, which can make things worse. Although you can reassure him about riding and encourage him to do so, never make him.
  • Seek professional help. If the trauma is affecting your child’s everyday life, or you feel that he needs help sorting things out, have him see a professional. Therapy and medication may help him to move on with his life.

Moving On Is Difficult, But We Can Help

We know that nothing will completely take away the pain and fearful experience your son went through, but having compensation that can help cover the medical and therapy bills from the accident can help. Find out what the Morton Law Offices can do for you by contacting us through our online form or by calling 888.716.8021.