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How will an attorney try to win a car accident wrongful death case?


When your husband was killed by a truck driver who feel asleep behind the wheel on US-95, you vowed to get justice. After all, your husband was able to stay awake while driving, why couldn’t the truck driver do the same? In order make sure the truck driver and his employer pay for their negligence, you’ve decided to file a wrongful death claim.

Wrongful death claims are filed in civil court, meaning you can seek monetary damages, but not criminal charges for the accused. Those who file these lawsuits can ask for funeral or burial expenses, the loss of the reasonable value of household services the deceased provided, medical expenses for the deceased person’s final injuries or illness, and loss of financial support provided by the deceased.

How Your Lawyer Can Win Your Case

Before you are able to receive any of the monetary damages, you must have an attorney prove that the person who died was actually the victim in the crash and didn’t contribute more than 50 percent to the accident. He may do this by:

  • Hiring an investigator. An investigator can quickly return to the accident scene and look for and measure skid marks, take pictures of obscure and obvious evidence, identify road flaws, and much more. The investigator will likely also perform an up-close examination of the vehicles involved to look for any favorable evidence.
  • Hiring specialists. Your attorney may hire a reconstruction specialist to use proprietary computer programs that can recreate the accident as it happened. The lawyer may also call upon the help of a forensic car crash expert who may provide invaluable evidence that can win the case.

Our Experience Can Help You

Having an attorney on your side from the Morton Law Offices increases your chances of winning your case and getting the justice you and your loved ones deserve. Contact us today through our online form or by calling 888.716.8021.