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How can you stay safe on a personal watercraft?


No matter what your float of choice is—kayak, canoe, or Jet Ski—there’s always a chance something can go wrong. You could run into a rock and capsize or you could get into an accident with another watercraft. However, your odds of an accident are higher with personal watercraft (PWCs) around. Whether you are the operator or an innocent kayaker caught in one’s wake, the potential speed and lack of experience of the operator are recipes for disaster.

How to Stay Safe on a PWC

Jet Ski, Waverunner, Sea-Doo—whichever brand of PWC you choose, the following safety considerations apply:

  • Protect yourself. Although PWCs make a lot of noise and shoot a stream of water into the air, they aren’t the most visible vessels on the water. Because of their small size, it’s hard for larger boats to see them. Additionally, you don’t have much equipment protecting you so you are exposed to whatever you come in contact with. This means that if you’re involved in an accident, you’re probably going to get hurt. The best way to protect yourself is to only operate the watercraft when you are sober and are committed to operating it in a safe manner.
  • Wear safety gear. While you may be an excellent swimmer, your skills won’t get you anywhere if you are knocked unconscious and fall into the water. For this reason, anyone on a PWC should wear a life jacket. If not, you could become a drowning victim.

If Your Injuries Are Caused by Someone Else’s Negligence

PWC accidents often cause serious injuries. If you were the victim of a crash, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Contact the Morton Law Offices to learn how.