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What clothing and gear should I wear to protect me if I’m involved in a bike crash in Boise?


You’ve probably seen bikers and their passengers wearing shorts, T-shirts with short sleeves, and flip flops while riding around. Although putting on this type of clothing while riding allows you to feel the wind against your skin and enjoy the weather, doing so doesn’t offer you any protection if you are involved in a bike crash in Boise. Knowing the proper gear to wear could prevent you from experiencing serious injuries.


Although the weather may be warm or hot, you’ll need to wear an abrasion-resistant jacket to keep your arms and chest protected. Leather jackets are typically the best for riding, however, thick denim or nylon flight jackets are useful as well. Look for a jacket that zips up high around the neck.

Durable Pants

If your skin hits the pavement, shorts or pants made of light material won’t do much to prevent injuries. Thick, durable pants, however, often do the trick. Leather pants typically work best, but thick jeans can also offer protection.


Your feet need protection in the form of thick, high boots that cover your ankles. Hiking boots often work well, or any type of steel-toed or hard boot.

Safety Gear

Always wear a helmet when on a motorcycle, and look for one that offers facial protection in the form of a shield. If you can’t find such a helmet, wear safety goggles or dark sunglasses along with your helmet.

You never know when you could become involved in a bike crash in Boise. Even the best driver can become a victim, and wearing gear that offers protection is your best bet against suffering severe injuries.

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