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Who could be liable parties for injury compensation after a tire blowout accident?


Truck tire blowouts can result in an operator losing control of his semi, tractor-trailer, or other large truck. These accidents are sudden and devastating, sometimes resulting in a multi-vehicle pileup. In addition, excess tire rubber—which sometimes shreds off in large chunks—strewn across a highway or road can cause a wreck when an unsuspecting motorist must swerve to avoid it.


While someone inadvertently rolling over a sharp object can create a large hole in tire tread and result in a blowout, most of the incidents happen due to some form of negligence.

If you were injured in a large truck accident due to a tire blowout, identifying the responsible parties will be crucial for you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Potential Responsible Parties in a Truck Blowout Wreck

Who is responsible for compensating you for injuries depends on the cause of the tire blowout. Here are some of the probable negligent parties in this type of claim:

  • Truck driver. The operator must conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspections of his truck and note any needed repair and maintenance issues. He's also not supposed to drive the rig when the tires are worn, not inflated properly, in need of repair, or defective.
  • Trucking company. In Idaho, the trucking company is vicariously liable for the trucker’s negligent actions in causing your injuries in a tire blowout wreck. In addition, you may have a separate claim against the trucking company for failure to maintain and repair the truck tires, or if cargo exceeded recommended haul weight, thus causing stress to the tires. A company representative may have also authorized the use of mismatched or recapped tires, which are often less stable.
  • Maintenance company. Some trucking companies hire third-party maintenance companies to conduct routine inspections and make repairs when necessary. If they didn't inspect, replace, or repair the tires, they could also face liability.
  • Tire manufacturer. If the tires involved in your wreck were defective, you could have a products liability claim against the tire manufacturer. There could also be a claim against the trucking company if it failed to get the defective tires replaced after being notified of a tire recall.


Were you or a family member injured in a truck tire blowout wreck? Attorney Alan Morton is here to help you identify the liable parties and fight to obtain the compensation that you deserve. Fill out my convenient online form to schedule your free case evaluation.