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How can I stay safe when I’m near a helicopter?


Helicopters are known for their unusual shapes and large, powerful propellers. These large objects are used to hold the aircraft up in the air and allow it to move at fast speeds. Although extremely helpful and vital, they are also quite dangerous.

Those who maneuver around helicopters put themselves at great risk for injuries from the propellers. These injuries are typically quite serious and can even become fatal.

Propeller Safety

It’s easy to become distracted when walking near a helicopter, as the sight of the vessel often makes passengers excited to get on board as quickly as possible. When you follow these tips, however, you can increase your chances of staying safe:

  • Bend at the waist. Lowering your profile when approaching or departing the aircraft by bending at the waist can prevent the propellers from coming into contact with you.
  • Approach from the front. Always get onto the helicopter by approaching at the front of the aircraft. Never walk up to or away from the helicopter from the back, as doing so puts you at risk for injuries. Additionally, always make eye contact with the pilot when coming near the helicopter.
  • Beware of slopes. Walking up or coming down a slope when departing or approaching a helicopter can put you in direct contact with the propellers. Avoid doing so in order to keep yourself safe.

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If you were injured in a helicopter crash, the attorneys of the Morton Law Offices may be able to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to that can help pay for your medical bills. Without the help of an experienced lawyer, you may be held responsible for the bills related to your accident—which isn’t fair.

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