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What can I sue for if I’ve received a traumatic brain injury from a car crash?


You’ve heard of major accidents occurring on I-84, I-184, and Rte. 30, but you never imagined you could become involved in one of those crashes. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when you were driving home from work late one night.

The weather was quite treacherous that night, due to heavy snow and high winds. You would’ve rather not driven, but you didn’t really have a choice. The SUV next to you lost control and crashed into the front driver’s side of your vehicle. Your head collided with the steering wheel and you suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

You May Be Able to Sue

If you can prove that the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries, you may be able to sue for compensation, which could include:

  • Pain and suffering. You may be able to include pain and suffering as part of your personal injury claim. A judge or jury will listen to your testimony as well as your doctor’s when determining if you qualify for this type of compensation. As part of your claim, you’ll need to explain the type of symptoms you experience because of the injury, how disabling they are, and how they affect your life now and possibly in the future.
  • Damages. Bills from doctor’s visits, medication, physical and occupational therapy, and vehicle repairs are just some of the expenses you’ll have as a result of the accident. You can claim these fees as part of your lawsuit, in addition to any money you’ll have to spend in the future because of the injury.

You’ll Need the Help of an Attorney

Do you know how to prove your case to a judge? Do you know how to calculate the amount of money you’ll need in the future to pay for your medical expenses? An attorney does, and hiring one gives you your best shot at getting the compensation you deserve.

Contact the Morton Law Offices to speak with an attorney to find out how we may be able to help you. You have enough to worry about with your recovery. Let us take some of the burden off of you so that you can move on past the accident and enjoy life as best as possible.