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What is the difference between product recalls and product defects?


If you were like most first-time parents, you were a nervous wreck after your baby was born. Along with worrying about how much food and sleep she was getting, you also worried about her safety.

This concern became even more pressing after you saw that the car seat she had been traveling in had been recalled. You became instantly stressed out, wondering what would have happened had something gone wrong.

Defects and Recalls Are Not the Same Thing

A variety of differences exist between defects and recalls, including:

  • The government decides on recalls. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the government watchdog group that is responsible for deciding on recalls. It will recall a product when it feels it poses a certain risk. For instance, if a product contains small pieces, the group may decide to recall it to prevent little ones from sticking them in their mouths and potentially choking. The group receives about 10,000 reports from consumers and other sources each year, and watches about 15,000 products annually.
  • Defects aren’t always unsafe. Just because a product is defective, doesn’t mean it is unsafe. Typically, when a product doesn’t work as advertised, it is deemed defective. Sometimes the defect will create a safety issue, but not always. Defects are typically detected by consumers, however, manufacturers may release notices about the defective products that may include ways to remedy the problems.

When You Want to Pursue Legal Action

If a product caused you harm, you may have grounds to file a product liability claim. The attorneys of the Morton Law Offices may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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