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How long do I have to file a dispute against a denied insurance claim?


You’re an avid soccer player and spend a lot of time playing at Boise Indoor Soccer and the Simplot Sports Complex with your team. When playing a game, you twist your leg and hear a loud pop, and later an MRI at Intermountain Medical Imaging reveals a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

The surgery for this injury is expensive, and your insurance company tells you it won’t pay for it. If you want to file a dispute, you’ll need to do so within a certain amount of time, or it’s unlikely that you’ll win the claim.

Time Limitations for Disputing a Claim

Claim disputes over medical coverage are common. It’s likely that you will disagree with your insurer about your medical bills, the necessary treatment, how much that treatment should cost, and whether or not your claim is covered in full. Here are two important tips about time limitations regarding a dispute claim:

  • Know the statute of limitations. Policy holders typically have one year from when the incident occurred or when the claim was denied to file a dispute. If you fail to file before the statute of limitations expires, you could lose your case.
  • Read your policy carefully. Read your policy’s fine print to determine what the insurance company considers its statute of limitations. Often, the documents will contain a section entitled “Suits Against Us” or something similar that provides information about the timeframe you have.

We May Be Able to Help

You pay a great deal of money each month to receive insurance, so it may not seem fair when the company denies you adequate coverage. The attorneys of the Morton Law Offices want to help you get the coverage you deserve. Contact us today at 888.716.8021 to learn how we may be able to assist you.