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What types of sexual harassment are there?


Sexual harassment is never acceptable. No matter what anyone tells you, this type of abuse is wrong. Unfortunately, many men and women are victims of sexual harassment in Boise every day. Some are victims and don’t even know it. Being aware of the types of harassment may help you get a better understanding of the abuse and allow you to determine if you are a victim.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is perhaps the most commonly recognized form of sexual harassment. This type of abuse occurs when job benefits—such as employment, salary increases, promotions, shift or work assignments, performance expectations, and other conditions of employment—are made contingent on sexual favors. Typically, an employer, supervisor, or agent of the employee who has the authority to make decisions about the employee, is the abuser. This type of sexual harassment can also pertain to the rejection of sexual advances or favors resulting in loss of employment, demotion or the like.

Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment

Hostile environment sexual harassment occurs when verbal, non-verbal, and/or physical conduct is sufficiently severe and pervasive enough to interfere with a person’s work, learning or program performance. Also, if it creates a hostile, intimidating, or offensive environment it is considered hostile environment sexual harassment. The behavior is unwanted and sexual and/or based on sex or gender.

You do not have to tolerate either type of sexual harassment in Boise. You have the right to go to work to provide for yourself and your family—without having to subject yourself to this type of inappropriate behavior.

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