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What are common surgical errors that lead to medical malpractice cases?


Surgeons are people. That means they make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes result in serious health complications for patients. If negligence or recklessness caused a surgeon’s error, the injured patient may be able to hold the surgeon legally liable for the mistake.

Common surgical mistakes include:

  • Anesthesia errors. If a general or local anesthetic is administered incorrectly, it can cause serious problems for the patient. The patient may suffer nerve damage or irreversible brain injuries.
  • Poor surgical technique. If a surgeon’s hand slips while he holds a tool such as a scalpel, the surgeon may seriously cut or otherwise injure the patient.
  • Surgical mix-ups. It sounds ridiculous, but surgeons sometimes operate on the left leg when it was the right leg that required attention. Sometimes a doctor even performs an operation on the wrong patient.
  • Medication errors. Before, during, and after surgery, many patients need medications, such as sedatives, antibiotics, and blood thinners. If the doctor administers a drug at the wrong dosage or at the wrong time, the mistake can lead to deadly complications.
  • Foreign objects. If a surgical tool, sponge, gauze, or other material is mistakenly left inside a patient’s body, the foreign object can cause internal bleeding or lead to a severe infection.
  • Post-operative mistakes. A patient must be monitored closely following surgery. If a doctor fails to follow up with the patient and watch for infections, blood clots, or distress, the patient may suffer a surgical complication that has far-reaching effects.

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