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Should I hire an independent insurance adjuster to examine damages after I’m involved in a crash?


You were on your way to 8th Street to enjoy the local food and go people watching when you were involved in a car accident. Instead of yielding to you, a truck proceeded through an intersection—and crashed into the side of your vehicle.

Along with suffering from a few injuries, your vehicle was left a mangled mess. Your insurance company plans to send an adjuster out to access the damages, but you are suspicious he may be biased.

Insurance adjusters are paid by the insurance companies, meaning they work for the insurance company—not for you. You will rarely receive a fair quote, as the insurance company will do whatever it can to save money and put more into its pocket.

When You Need to Hire an Independent Adjuster

Hiring an independent adjuster that works for you instead of the insurance company is often a good idea, particularly in these circumstances:

  • When the damage is significant. If your vehicle suffered major damage from the accident, or you think it may even be totaled, having an independent adjuster examine your vehicle is ideal. Hiring an adjuster whose priority isn’t saving the company money is more likely to give you an accurate assessment of the damages.
  • When you want to dispute the claim. If you feel the adjuster’s estimate is much lower than what you believe it should be, hire an independent adjuster. An adjuster who doesn’t work for the insurance company isn’t biased and will likely give you a fair estimate.

We Can Help

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Alan Morton
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