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Who is responsible for compensating me for my injuries in a multi-vehicle accident?


If you or a family member was injured in a multi-vehicle accident, one of your main concerns may be who is responsible for reimbursing you for the medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma you and your family have suffered. Is it just the driver who hit the first car? Or is the driver who hit your vehicle also responsible for compensating you? And what happens if you were partially at fault in causing the accident? These are some of the more complex questions that arise in multi-vehicle accidents.

The Responsible Parties in a Multi-Vehicle Wreck

Idaho follows the comparative negligence doctrine, which means that if more than one motorist caused your accident, their responsibility for compensating you would be based on their percentage of fault. If you were partially at fault in causing the accident, the amount of damages you are entitled to could also be reduced under comparative negligence. The responsible parties could include:

  • The driver who started the accident. The driver who hit the first person in the pile-up would be responsible for a portion of your damages, depending on how much liability other motorists have for causing your crash.
  • Other drivers. Another driver could be partially at blame for causing your accident if he was driving unsafely—for instance, by tailgating you, speeding, talking on his cellphone, or texting. If he was determined to be 50 percent at fault in causing your accident, he could be responsible for 50 percent of your damages, and the driver who started the accident could be responsible for the other 50 percent. Keep in mind that there could be more than two drivers partially liable, which means that more parties would share partial responsibility for reimbursing you.
  • You yourself. If you were partially at fault in causing your accident, your compensation would be reduced based on your percentage of fault. However, if you were found to be 50 percent or more at fault in causing the accident, you would not be entitled to any damages.

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