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Why do so many LASIK injuries occur?


You did your research before getting LASIK surgery. Fortunately, Boise is home to many excellent facilities that offer the procedure, including Hollingshead Eye Center and Artisan Optics. You felt very comfortable with your decision and went in to surgery hopeful.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, and you came out seeing worse than you did going in. How could this happen? Here, a lawyer discusses what could be to blame for your problems.

Not All LASIK Surgeries Are Successful

Pain, blurry vision, chronic dry eye, and poor sight are just a few of the ailments patients can experience after refractive surgery. A variety of factors are to blame, including:

  • Faulty medical equipment. The machine that supplies the laser needed to perform the surgery may have been faulty. The laser may have cut the eye incorrectly, which could cause the problems you are experiencing.
  • Improper pre-operative screening. The doctor may not have performed enough tests to correctly determine if you were a LASIK candidate or not. Additionally, the tests could have been performed incorrectly and ruled that you would benefit from the surgery, when you actually would not have.
  • Doctor error. LASIK surgery requires precision. The doctor may have created an incision on the cornea that was too shallow or deep, which could contribute to the problems you are experiencing.

You Don’t Have to Suffer

It’s not fair that you came out of surgery worse than when you went in. Having to pay for the treatments related to the surgery yourself is also an injustice.

The attorneys of the Morton Law Offices may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Speak to one of our representatives right now by using our online chat feature or by filling out the form on our website. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Google + to learn more and to receive up-to-date information.

Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer