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Doctor Errors Can Cause This Life-Threatening Infection

While most prospective parents understand there are some risks associated with the birth of their baby, they do not expect their child to contract a life-threatening infection that could have been prevented with proper medical care. Sadly, this is exactly what happens if a baby becomes ill with neonatal sepsis.

Neonatal sepsis is a severe infection in a baby’s bloodstream that spreads throughout the body. The bacteria creates a toxin that causes widespread inflammation of the baby’s organs, resulting in serious complications to the kidneys, lungs, brain, hearing, and vision—sometimes life-threatening.

How Doctor Malpractice Can Cause This Preventable Illness

Neonatal sepsis is commonly caused when the mother carries the bacteria that she passes to the baby either during pregnancy, labor, or the baby’s birth. Premature babies receiving care in a neonatal intensive care unit are also at increased risk of developing this illness from intravenous (IV) lines, catheters, and breathing tubes, which could carry the bacteria. Medical mistakes leading to a baby developing neonatal sepsis that could constitute medical malpractice include failing to:

  • provide proper prenatal care and intervention both during labor and delivery
  • diagnose and treat a bacterial infection in the mother
  • quickly diagnose and treat early labor
  • properly manage a prolonged post-term pregnancy
  • respond appropriately to bleeding
  • treat the mother’s high blood pressure
  • respond to fetal heart monitor changes and evidence of fetal distress
  • use forceps or other medical tools properly during delivery
  • perform a timely vaginal delivery or cesarean delivery of a baby in distress
  • properly resuscitate a newborn
  • promptly diagnose and treat neonatal sepsis
  • transfer a baby with neonatal sepsis to a prenatal intensive care unit

Neonatal sepsis is a very serious condition that can cause seizures, meningitis, septic shock, brain injury, cerebral palsy, and death. A baby who develops this infection could face permanent changes to his life, especially if he develops a brain injury or cerebral palsy. However, he may be entitled to compensation from the doctor, other medical providers, and the hospital that caused his injuries.

Did your baby develop neonatal sepsis and suffer injuries? It is important that you pursue his legal rights for him so that he has the medical care and other assistance he could need throughout his life. Call our experienced legal team at 888.716.8021 for a FREE consultation to learn how we can help you.