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Road Rash Injuries Motorcyclists Suffer Can Range From Mild to Debilitating Injuries

While motorcycle riders love their motorcycles, unfortunately many riders are involved in serious accidents every year causing life-altering injuries and deaths. Road rash is a common injury a motorcyclist can suffer and is caused when the rider’s skin is scraped against the hard road surface, resulting in lacerations and abrasions. While this may not sound too serious, it can result in debilitating injuries requiring expensive medical treatments and lengthy periods off work.

Three Degrees of Road Rash a Motorcyclist Could Suffer

Road rash injuries are categorized by the degree of the injury—like with burns. A rider could suffer one of these road rash injuries:

  • First degree road rash. The rider’s skin becomes reddened similar to a rug burn. It is not a serious medical condition and will usually heal without medical treatment.
  • Second degree road rash. An injury is classified as second degree road rash when the skin breaks and the underlying skin layers remain intact, but are visible. Over-the-counter medications can be sufficient in some cases. However, permanent scarring is possible.
  • Third degree road rash. With this type of road rash, all five layers of the skin are broken down into fat, and the person risks serious infection. This injury can be very painful and requires immediate medical care.

Three Injuries Associated With Road Rash

Road rash often accompanies other injuries caused in a motorcycle accident. A motorcyclist could suffer one of these injuries:

  • Avulsion injuries. Avulsion injuries are caused when all the layers of the skin are stripped away. If the fat is visible, it is known as a full-thickness wound. These injuries often require skin grafts and could cause permanent scarring.
  • Compression injuries. These crushing injuries occur when the rider’s limb becomes caught between two objects—such as the road and the motorcycle or another vehicle. This can cause road rash as well as fractures or severing of a limb.
  • Lacerations. These are open wounds often caused in high-speed accidents. Stitches are usually required, and the rider faces a serious risk of infection due to the dirt and other particles ground into the wound.

If you suffered road rash or other injuries in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, you could be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Fill out an online form to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation to learn how I can assist you.