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3 Things to Consider If You are Bitten by a Dog In Idaho

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year of which a significant number (approximately 885,000) require the attention of a medical healthcare professional. Approximately one half of the victims involve children. Over 27,000 individuals each year have reconstruction surgery following a dog bite to address the scarring that results from being bitten by a dog.

There are 3 things you should consider if you are attacked and/or bitten by a dog.

First, when attacked and bitten by a dog or other animal, it is imperative to call Animal Control to report the incident. Animal Control needs to determine whether the dog has been properly vaccinated and/or currently suffers from a canine carrier disease including, but not limited to, rabies. The contact information for Animal Control in Boise is as follow:  Animal Control, 4775 West Denton Street, Boise, ID 83705, T: 208.343.3166 or 911.

Animal Control also maintains records to determine whether the dog has harassed, intimated or bitten other animals or people prior to the incident in question that can be helpful to an investigation regarding a dog bite incident or claim. Animal Control can and will investigate the incident regarding a dog bite to determine whether the dog is current in his vaccinations for rabies and other canine carrier diseases to assist the victim in determining what healthcare or other options may be considered for proper treatment and preventative care for the wound.

Second, you should seek proper medical treatment for your wounds. Dogs are carriers for disease even if they are properly vaccinated. By having healthcare professionals examine, clean and, if necessary, suture the wound, you minimize the risk of infection down the road.

Third, you should consider seeking a free initial consultation with an experienced veteran trial lawyer to ascertain your legal rights and remedies.

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