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The Hidden Dangers Involved With Your Prescriptions

Few people realize that when their doctor prescribes them medication, there is a chance that an error may be involved. The error may occur when the doctor initially writes the prescription, or it could occur later, when the prescription is filled, or when the drug is being administered. National studies have indicated that as many as eight percent of medical prescriptions are filled incorrectly each year. The results of medical malpractice in Iowa can be devastating for the victim and family. The physical, mental, financial and emotional losses can be substantial. Fortunately, victims may be entitled to a legal claim.

What Are Some Examples of the Common Ways in Which Health Care Providers Can Make Dangerous Mistakes With Medical Prescriptions?

The following is an overview of seven common errors:

  1. Failure to alert the patient of a possible dangerous drug interaction.
  2. Error involving the type of drug.
  3. Prescribing the wrong dose.
  4. Administering too much anesthesia.
  5. Abusing chemical restraints in a nursing home.
  6. Prescribing dangerous drugs without disclosing the side effects.
  7. Prescribing drugs without a warning of a possible allergic reaction.

Fortunately for victims, they may be able to legally pursue the health care providers for their wrongful actions. If successful, they could win sufficient funds to cover past and future medical expenses, loss of earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering. The case could also be brought on behalf of the victim if he or she passes away.

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Alan Morton
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