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7 Steps to Consider if You Are Ever Involved in a Bicycle Accident

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, a bicyclist is injured in a bike crash every 23.4 hours. That’s essentially almost one person being injured while riding a bike once every day somewhere in Idaho.

If you are ever involved in a bike crash with another vehicle, here are 7 steps to remember:

1. Stay calm. Keeping a calm demeanor helps you stay in control of your emotions. There is always the risk in a trauma situation of going into shock. If you are knocked to the ground, make sure that it is safe to move before you get up. Ask for assistance from those around you;

2. Call the police. Call 911 to report the accident. If you are injured ask for an Emergency Response Team (Ambulance) to come check you out and take you to the hospital. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Some injuries such as brain injury, herniated discs and fractures need immediate medical attention;

3. If you are able, move as far off the roadway as possible but stay at the scene of the accident;

4. Do not admit fault. Protect yourself legally, and do not discuss the accident with anyone other than the police and/or your insurance company;

5. Write down the name, address, phone number and license number of the other driver and any eyewitnesses who may have seen the collision;

6. Ask the other driver for the name, address, phone number and policy number of the other driver; and,

7. Contact an experienced trial lawyer for a free initial consultation to learn about your legal rights and remedies.

If you ride a bicycle, you might consider obtaining a quote from a reputable insurance agent for bicycle insurance. For less than the cost of a movie ticket, popcorn and a soda you might be able to obtain an insurance policy to protect you in the event of a crash.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle crash, you should seek a free initial consultation with an experienced bike accident attorney in your area. Idaho Personal Injury and Bicycle Accident Trial Lawyer Alan Morton has over 31 years of experience in handling claims of personal injury who has assisted thousands of individuals over the past three decades. If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation, call 208.344.5555 or toll free at 888.716.8021 or complete the contact form at http://www.mortonlawyers.com/contact.cfm. You may also wish to review the testimonial page of Mr. Morton’s clients at http://www.mortonlawyers.com/testimonials.cfm as well. Mr. Morton would be happy to discuss with you any questions you may have regarding your claim.

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