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T-Bone Accidents Result in Innocent Victims Being Seriously Hurt or Killed

Side-impact crashes—also known as T-bone accidents—occur when one vehicles crashes into the side of another one. The result can be the totally mangled vehicles we see pictures of in the news, with the passengers of the vehicle that was hit suffering serious injuries or death. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, side-impact wrecks are the second-most common type of accident and resulted in 5,345 fatalities in 2013. Since often just a vehicle door protects the accident victim from the impact of the other vehicle, he can suffer life-threatening injuries, requiring expensive medical treatments. The physical, emotional, and financial toll can be huge for those hurt in these accidents.

Common Ways Side-Impact Accidents Occur

T-bone accidents often occur at intersections, where vehicles are being driven perpendicular to each other. Common causes of these crashes include:

  • Failing to yield or stop at four-way intersections. When a driver does not completely stop at a four-way intersection or does not follow the rules of who has the right-of-way, he can smash into the side of the vehicle rightfully in the intersection.
  • Running a red light. A driver going through an intersection when the light is turning red will increase his speed, resulting in a more deadly impact if he hits another vehicle.
  • Making an unsafe left turn. When a driver turns left at an intersection, he must yield to oncoming traffic before turning. When he fails to do so, the vehicle legally in the intersection could smash into the side of his car.
  • Driving aggressively. An aggressive driver often ignores drivers who are legally in the intersection, with disastrous results.
  • Driving distractedly. Talking on a cellphone or texting are especially dangerous distractions that result in drivers not seeing others in an intersection or at entrances or exits in a busy parking lot, such as at malls.
  • Braking failure. While this is a less common cause of side-impact crashes, brake failure can cause a deadly accident when a driver cannot stop and slams into oncoming traffic in an intersection.
  • Driving unsafely for weather conditions. When drivers do not reduce their speed in rain, fog, snow, and ice, they can easily slide into an intersection or through a stop sign, hitting another vehicle’s side.

If you were hurt in a side-impact accident, you could be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and emotional trauma. It is important to act quickly to not miss the deadline to file a lawsuit. Fill out an online form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how we can help you.