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Common Catastrophic Injuries Suffered by Vehicle Crash Victims

catastrophic_accidentWhile any injury in a car accident is a reason for concern, catastrophic trauma caused by a driver’s negligence can be even more devastating. A victim can suffer life-altering injuries that prevent him or her from working, require assistance with basic personal needs, or even result in death.

A catastrophic injury can cause emotional and financial stress for not only victims, but also their families. Unfortunately, when victims file claims with the negligent drivers' insurance companies, they may also discover an even
greater fight to obtain rightful compensation necessary
due to the higher value of these types of claims.

Catastrophic Injuries Caused in Vehicle Accidents

Motorists cause car crashes resulting in victims suffering catastrophic injuries mainly because of negligent driving practices, such as distracted driving, intoxicated driving, and speeding.

Common injuries that are considered catastrophic caused in these wrecks include:

  • Internal organ damage and bleeding. Internal organ damage and internal bleeding requires prompt medical treatment because these conditions are life-threatening.
  • Brain injuries. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most common devastating injuries. It's caused by a shaking of the brain within the skull or blunt force to the head during a wreck. A person with a TBI may experience problems with mobility, vision, or hearing. In addition, a person can suffer debilitating changes to memory, concentration, reasoning, and emotions. In some cases, TBIs can be fatal.
  • Spinal cord damage. If the spinal cord is damaged severely enough, a victim can suffer total or partial paralysis. He could need assistance around the clock with his daily activities, and in the most serious cases, may require a ventilator to breathe.
  • Burns. A person could suffer serious burns if his vehicle catches fire in a crash or he's ejected and thrown across the roadway at a high speed. Numerous layers of skin can be damaged, and a victim can suffer disfigurement and scarring, which can cause psychological as well as physical pain and suffering.
  • Amputations. In some accidents, someone may require the amputation of a body part. In other situations, the body part is injured so badly that it cannot be saved and must later be amputated.
  • Neck injury. If the force of the impact causes the neck to jerk and break, the victim may die instantaneously.


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