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Three Common Causes for Wrongful Death Car Crashes in Idaho

Car accidents are often small fender-benders that cause minor injuries here and there. But when they are more serious, they can be life-changing. All too often, lives are ended because they are involved in accidents. Friends, and family members, of the deceased are left behind to pick up the pieces and attempt to find closure, along with justice. To achieve this, many file Idaho wrongful death claims. You may have grounds to file such a claim too, if the crash was caused by one of the following:

A Drunk or Intoxicated Driver

It’s bad enough when someone dies in a car accident due to a mistake, but it feels even worse when the crash occurs because someone decided to drink alcohol or take drugs, then get behind the wheel. If the driver is proven to be drunk or high, you may have a wrongful death claim.

A Negligent Driver

If the driver who caused the accident was speeding, driving aggressively, or acting in any other kind of negligent manner, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. Drivers are expected to act responsibly and when they don’t, they should be held responsible.

A Vehicle Defect

Automobiles often hit the show room floor with defects or faulty parts. Although this is quite frightening, it’s true. These mistakes can cause accidents, and when they do, the manufacturer is to blame. If you are able to prove this, you could win a wrongful death suit.

When a loved one dies in a car crash that was caused by negligence, you want justice. The attorneys at the Morton Law Office may be able to help you get the result you desire.

Contact us today to speak with an Idaho wrongful death lawyer about your situation. We will do all we can to help you and your family through this difficult time.

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Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer