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What Are the Causes of Rental Truck Accidents?

rental_truckSemi trucks aren't the only commercial vehicles that pose a threat to motorists. Rental trucks are used by many people to move possessions from one location to another. When these trucks involved in an accident, victims can suffer serious injuries, even death.

For a victim of a collision with a rental truck and its driver, it can be complicated to obtain proper compensation, since the negligent motorist, the truck rental company, and possibly other parties could all bear responsibility.

Main Reasons That Rental Truck Crashes Happen

Since many people drive rental trucks on residential streets, there are additional dangers that make simple road navigation difficult. It's more challenging for a truck driver to maneuver on these smaller roads with pedestrians, bicyclists, and animals to watch for as well as other vehicles. This is one of the many reasons for accidents. 

Other common reasons that rental truck accidents happen include:

  • Driver inexperience. Unlike commercial truck drivers, people who rent trucks aren't required to take any training before signing them out. These drivers, many of whom are used to passenger vehicles, can make errors due to their lack of knowledge of truck blind spots; their difficulty handling a larger vehicle with and without cargo; their lack of control for safe stopping; and other unknowns.
  • Lack of maintenance. Some companies don't regularly inspect or maintain their trucks. When companies allow these vehicles to be rented even with known repair issues, this can result in an accident due to a variety of reasons: brake failure, tire blowouts, or another defect. If truck upkeep is performed by a third-party maintenance facility, it could be responsible for compensating a victim as well.
  • Use of outdated vehicles. A rental companies tries to keep its truck fleet in operation constantly. Because of this push for performance, as well as the misuse by inexperienced drivers, the wear and tear on rental trucks may compromise safety. This increases the chances of an accident.


Were you or a family member injured in a rental truck accident? The negligent driver, rental company, and others may be responsible for compensating you for injuries. However, you'll need the help of an experienced truck accident attorney to pursue your legal rights. Fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation to learn how attorney Alan Morton can assist you in fighting for the settlement you deserve.