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Common Workplace Accidents in Grocery Stores

grocery_workersWorking at a grocery store is more physically demanding that most people realize. Because of the hazards grocery employees face, they risk suffering serious injuries or death in a workplace accident. Fortunately, injured grocery employees may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Idaho to pay their medical expenses and to replace their lost wages.

However, they may need the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to fight for the benefits they deserve.

Common Causes of Workplace Accidents in Grocery Stores

Because of the variety of goods sold in many grocery stores, employees perform a variety of job duties that put them at risk of being injured. Common accidents that lead to employees filing workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Food preparation. Employees in food service, meat, and produce sections of a grocery store must work with sharp knives and be exposed to hot ovens and oil. This can cause them to suffer lacerations, amputations, or burns.
  • Stocking shelves and moving goods. Workers can be injured if product boxes fall on them while they're moving them around the store or restocking shelves. They can also suffer back and shoulder injuries when they must lift heavy boxes and items or build a display.
  • Slip and fall. Spilled drinks and food, wet floors from produce, debris and boxes in aisles, and icy entrances and parking lots are a few of the causes of workers suffering a slip and fall accident. A fall can be even more deadly if a worker is on a ladder to obtain or stock merchandise, replace light fixtures, or reorganize shelving.
  • Standing. Most grocery store employees are required to stand for long hours without a break. If they're not given sufficient rest time or provided with padding under their feet, they can develop debilitating leg, back, or foot injuries over time.
  • Repetition. Many job duties in a grocery store, such as bagging, stocking shelves, and cashiering, involve repetitive movements throughout the workday. This leads injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and trigger finger.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Workers who must collect shopping carts in parking lots risk being injured if a driver doesn't see them and hits them. Even if the vehicle is traveling at a slow speed, a worker can suffer serious consequences, especially during inclement weather.


Do you need to file a workers’ compensation claim for injuries caused at your job? I have been helping injured workers obtain workers’ compensation benefits for over 30 years. To discuss the benefits you may be entitled to, call my office or fill out my online form to schedule a free consultation.