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What Are The Main Reasons for Deadly Motor Vehicle Fires?

car_fireAccidents involving car fires aren't common, but the results can be even more catastrophic. People can suffer severe burns over large portions of their bodies, causing scars, disfigurement, and psychological disorders from the trauma of being in the fire. If you were injured in a car fire, understanding the causes can help you to identify potential liable parties responsible for compensation.

Major Causes of Car Crash Fires

Vehicle fires aren't always caused by a crash, but you may still have a claim if you were injured due to the negligence of an individual or manufacturer. Common reasons auto fires occur include:

  • Collision. When a negligent driver causes an accident, the force of the impact could rupture one or both of the gas tanks and lead to a fuel-fed fire. This can have deadly consequences for drivers and passengers trapped in the vehicles. In this case, the negligent motorist could be responsible for compensating injured victims.
  • Fuel tank explosion. If a fuel tank leaks, it can cause a sudden explosion that endangers car occupants and people in vehicles nearby. If a manufacturer defect or maintenance issue caused the leak or explosion, the parts and automobile manufacturer or an auto mechanic could face liability.
  • Design or part defect. In some cases, manufacturer design of the vehicle or component could trigger a car fire. If this happens, an injured person may be able to pursue a products liability case against the manufacturer.
  • Maintenance. The lack of maintenance or improper maintenance could be the cause of a fire. Issues that could ignite a fire include faulty wiring or electrical system malfunction, heated seat malfunction, or a battery or starter installed improperly. A vehicle owner could be responsible if he knew of a problem and didn't have it repaired, or an auto mechanic may be liable if his inadequate repair caused the fire.
  • Smoking. A driver or passenger may be responsible for compensating victims if he was smoking in a vehicle and caused a fire.


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