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Don’t Be an Eyewitness to Your Workplace Eye Accident

You likely value your job, but there’s a good chance your boss doesn’t value you. Sadly, this is the case for most workers, and their safety is put into jeopardy every day because of it, which is one of the reasons why March is Workplace Eye Wellness month. More than 2,000 people injure their eyes at work each day and 10 to 20 percent of the victims will experience temporary or permanent vision loss because of it. Sadly, this is often because employers slack on workplace safety, often to save money, and the only victims are the employees.

Oftentimes, either providing no safety equipment or the wrong safety equipment contributes to the accidents. According to a study conducted by the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly three out of five workers who experienced eye injuries during the study weren’t wearing protective lenses at the time of the accident. Additionally, 40 percent of the injured workers who were wearing safety glasses were wearing the wrong kind when they were hurt.

Common Workplace Eye Injuries

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body, yet one of the most vulnerable. Although eye injuries occur for a variety of reasons, some are more common than others. An overwhelming majority of injuries can be attributed to just two causes:

  • Flying particles. The study found that almost 70 percent of the injuries that occurred were due to flying or falling objects, or sparks coming in contact with the eye. Nearly three-fifths of the particles were smaller than a pin head. A majority of the offending particles were traveling faster than a hand-thrown object when the accidents occurred.
  • Chemicals and work equipment. Nearly one-fifth of the injuries in the study were caused by chemicals contacting the eye. Furthermore, objects that the employees were working with or using also caused injuries, such as tree limbs, chains, and ropes.

If you aren’t provided with the proper safety equipment, your health and quality of life could suffer because of your boss’s negligence.

Don’t Let Your Boss Get the Best of You

If you were injured on the job because your employer failed to take measures to keep you safe, you may be entitled to compensation. The Morton Law Offices want to help. Contact us today to learn how.