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What Are the Many Reasons That You Could Have a Slip and Fall Accident?

caution signSlip and fall accidents are some of the most common premises liability cases. The main reason is these injuries can happen just about anywhere— at a store; in a mall; outside of an office building, hospital, or gas station; at someone's home or rental property; or in a parking lot or garage.

When a victim suffers injuries in the fall, he may be able to hold the business or property owner responsible damages compensation.

Why Do Slip and Fall Accidents Occur?

People are hurt in slip and fall accidents when property or business owners fail to correct dangerous conditions that they know about or should know; or fail to warn guests of a danger. Common causes of these often preventable incidents include:

  • Wet and slippery flooring. Slick floors are the result of many practices. Perhaps a spill, leak, or puddle wasn't promptly cleaned. In some commercial buildings or hospitals, floors become dangerously slippery from constant floor cleaning and waxing. In addition, many property owners fail to post warning signs when a floor is still wet from cleaning.
  • Debris and clutter. Trash, merchandise, and general debris left on the floor are tripping hazards when guests or customers have to navigate around them.  
  • Ice. When sidewalks and parking lots aren't kept free of snow, ice, and water, an unsuspecting guest can slip and fall—sometimes suffering serious injuries from crashing onto the hard pavement.
  • Damaged floors and stairs. To avoid slip and fall accidents, property owners have a responsibility to repair torn or frayed carpet, cracked flooring, and loose handrails on stairways.
  • Poor lighting. Inadequate lighting at entrances, for parking lots, and in halls and stairwells make it difficult for patrons or tenants to see the hazards around him.
  • Parking lots, garages, and sidewalks. Business and property owners must repair any cracks, gaps, holes, or potholes to prevent people from tripping and falling.


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