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Why Delivery Truck Drivers Cause Accidents

delivery_truckBig rigs aren't the only cause of large truck accidents. Delivery truck drivers pose a serious danger to other motorists not only on highways and city streets, but also much closer to home—in our neighborhoods.

With more people using online sites to purchase goods, UPS, Fed-Ex, and other delivery services are busier than ever. In addition, many stores, such as appliance and furniture stores, use large trucks to make deliveries to customers. When drivers of these cargo vehicles are negligent, other motorists, as well as bicyclists and pedestrians, can suffer life-altering injuries or death.

 Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

Delivery drivers are under huge pressure to deliver their packages as quickly as possible so they can get to their next stop. This may lead to truck operators making errors that result in accidents.

Common reasons include:

  • Sudden stops. Delivery drivers are constantly looking for package destinations. When they make a sudden stop, they can cause collisions with unsuspecting motorists.
  • Backing up. Drivers will often back up rather than turn around or go around the block when they pass a destination. When they don't check the rear view first—often the case—they can hit a pedestrian, bicycle rider, or motorist.
  • Distracted driving. When a delivery person is distracted by looking at GPS, texting, talking on a cellphone, or eating and drinking, he or she can violate traffic laws, not stop quickly enough, or engage in other actions that lead to a crash.
  • Lack of training and inexperience. An operator needs specialized driving skills to safely drive a delivery truck. When he or she doesn't receive proper training, or doesn't have sufficient experience, it's common to make negligent errors that result serious accidents.
  • Improper loading. When the goods are not loaded or secured properly in the van or truck, this can cause cargo to shift, which can result in a delivery driver losing control or causing a rollover accident. In addition, freight can fall off a truck and cause nearby motorists to collide trying to avoid it.
  • Lack of maintenance. When delivery trucks aren't properly maintained and repaired, accidents may happen due to tire blowout, brake malfunction, and other defects, resulting in a loss of control.


If you're injured due to a delivery driver's negligence or unsecured cargo, you need an experienced truck accident attorney who and understands the complexities of these cases and can conduct a thorough investigation. Review our testimonials to see how attorney Alan Morton has helped other clients and then call our office to schedule your free consultation.