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5 Common Auto Defects That Lead to Motorists’ Serious Injuries and Death

Automobile crashes—even minor ones—can cause the victims to suffer serious injuries. However, accidents caused by defective auto parts can result in even more life-altering injuries and deaths. These crashes can be devastating to victims and their family both financially and emotionally because they often later learn that the vehicle manufacturer knew about the problem but did nothing to fix it. This is often discovered when they are forced to file a lawsuit to prove the manufacturer’s liability when it refuses to compensate them for their injuries.

Five Common Automobile Defects That Cause Serious Accidents

While people should be able to expect that their vehicles are designed and built correctly, this is definitely not the case—as is evidenced by all the recalls in the news. Common defects in auto parts that contribute to or solely cause accidents include:

  • Airbags. Motorists can suffer devastating injuries if a defect in their airbags causes them not to deploy in an accident. Sadly, if they deploy improperly—as in the massive Takata recall—victims can suffer life-altering injuries or death.
  • Steering components. Defective steering components can lock up or have electrical problems with disastrous consequences for the driver who can no longer control his vehicle.
  • Braking systems. Defects can cause the brake lines, hydraulic reserve, or anti-lock brakes to malfunction or fail, causing serious injuries and deaths not only to the driver and his passengers, but also other motorists the driver could hit.
  • Seatbelts. Seatbelts can be a lifesaver when they work properly in an accident. When they don’t, people can suffer serious injuries if they crash into vehicle components or are ejected from their vehicle.
  • Fuel systems. Fuel system defects can cause deadly accidents because the engine uses highly flammable liquids that can explode if the fuel system malfunctions.

If you suffered injuries caused by a defective auto part, you could be facing mounting medical bills and lost wages while you are off work recovering—if you can return to work at all—as well as experience emotional trauma from the accident and your injuries. Call me at 888.716.8021 for a FREE consultation to learn how you can hold the automobile manufacturer and other parties responsible for compensating you for your losses.