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Common Medication Errors Nurses Make That May Be Medical Malpractice

With nurses becoming increasingly involved in patient care, nurse medical malpractice cases are becoming more common. Unfortunately, even good nurses fail to provide medical care that meets the proper standard of care due to long hours and understaffing. Medication errors are one of the most common mistakes medical providers—including nurses—make.

Common Ways Nurses Make Medication Errors

Nurses are crucial in preventing medication errors because of their direct involvement with the patient. According to a study published in Nursing Standard, one-third of medication errors causing patients harm occur when nurses are involved in administering medications. Some of the common ways nurses make these mistakes include:

  • Nurse taking a prescription bottleGiving the patient the wrong medication
  • Giving the patient the wrong dosage of medicine
  • Administering the medication at the wrong time
  • Administering a medication that was not prescribed
  • Administering a medication through the incorrect route or at an incorrect rate
  • Administering medication with the wrong fluid or other medication
  • Giving a patient medication meant for another patient
  • Giving a patient a medication he is allergic too
  • Giving a patient a medication that has adverse consequences when given with another drug the patient is taking

These medication errors are caused by many factors. Some or all of the following could cause even a conscientious nurse to make a medication error:

  • Being distracted and reading an instruction or medication name wrong
  • Being overworked and exhausted
  • Lack of knowledge of the drugs being administered
  • Incomplete knowledge about the patient, such as medications he is taking or is allergic to
  • Memory lapses, for example if a nurse forgets a patient is allergic to a particular medicine
  • Facility systematic problems like mislabeling drugs, putting ones with similar names near each other, and failing to have a bar code scanning system

Even minor medication errors can cause huge complications or the death of the person given the drug. If your nurse committed medical malpractice, you could be entitled to compensation from the nurse and the hospital or other medical facility that employed her. Call me at 888.716.8021 to schedule a free evaluation of your case.