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Fault Matters: 3 Ways to Recover Your Losses After a Boise Car Crash

As you are travelling through the intersection of Front Street and 9th Street in downtown Boise, you are suddenly struck by a vehicle that does not have the right of way. Your car is severely damaged, and you are suffering from injuries to your back and neck. In all likelihood, this accident is going to result in costly medical bills, time missed from work, and expensive car repairs. Fortunately, Idaho is an “at fault” state. As the victim of a crash in which you were not at fault, you have several options for pursuing compensation for your losses. The following are three ways in which you can recover compensation following such a crash:

File a Claim With Your Own Auto Insurance Company

If you file a claim through your own insurance company, the company will likely then pursue a claim for reimbursement from the insurance carrier for the driver who was at-fault. Under Idaho law, the person who was at fault in the car crash is liable for personal injury or property damage.

File a Claim With the Insurance Company of the Other Driver

Under this scenario, you would file your claim directly with the insurance company of the driver who was at fault for the crash. This is known as a “third party” insurance claim. Typically, the insurance company for the at-fault driver is looked at first when it comes to compensation for the personal injury and property losses caused by the crash.

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit With the Idaho Civil Court

In some cases, you may have to pursue legal action in order to obtain the recovery that you are entitled to. These cases often settle outside of court. When valuing the amount of the settlement, the parties will consider the medical bills, vehicle damage, lost income from time missed at work, and the costs of future medical treatment.

In order to successfully obtain compensation for your losses after an auto accident, it is vital that you initiate your claim quickly following the crash. To learn more about fighting for the damages that you deserve, call our firm at 888-716-8021 or use our online form to contact us and set up your free consultation today. Compassionate and experienced they will review your case and help you to better understand your legal options.


Alan Morton
Advocate for Justice/Trial Lawyer