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Devastating Vision Loss Could Result From a Motorcycle Accident

Any motorcycle accident can cause the rider to suffer serious injuries. However, an eye injury can be very traumatic and could result in the motorcyclist suffering partial or total vision loss. While wearing protective glasses or goggles or a helmet with eye protection can help, it cannot prevent all eye injuries.

Common Eye Injuries Motorcyclists Suffer

Eye injuries are caused by flying glass fragments piercing the rider’s eye or a head or spinal injury that damages the parts of the brain responsible for vision. Common eye injuries a motorcyclist may experience include:

  • Eye lacerations. These injuries are caused by glass fragments puncturing the skin protecting the eye. Surgery is usually required to repair the damage.
  • Cornea injuries. When dirt and debris get into the eye, they can scratch the surface of the cornea. The person could experience eye pain, swollen eyes, redness of the eye, and blurred vision.
  • Iris injuries. When an object pokes the eye or the eye is hit, the colored portion of the eye can become inflamed, and the person can experience some vision loss.
  • Hyphaema. This injury causes bleeding in the eye, with the eye appearing to be filled with blood causing eye pain and blurred vision.
  • Eye socket injuries. When there is blunt trauma to the eye, the optical bones can be fractured, and the eye socket can become sunken or bulging. A motorcyclist with this injury could suffer from double vision and may require surgery.
  • Retina injuries. These injuries are also caused by blunt force trauma. If the blunt force is severe enough, the retina can tear and the person would need emergency surgery. When the injury is to the center of the retina, the person could experience vision loss.
  • Optic nerve injuries. If there is a blow to the person’s head, his optic nerve could be damaged. The person would need surgery to repair the injury, and even with this, vision loss is likely.

A person with eye injuries could suffer from headaches, light sensitivity, blurred vision, partial vision, or blindness. This type of injury can literally change his life, making it impossible to work in his profession, enjoy hobbies and family activities, and to take care of himself if he also suffered brain damage.

If you suffered an eye injury or another injury in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, we understand the stress you are feeling over the mounting medical bills and the changes to your life. Call us at 888.716.8021 for a free no-obligation consultation to learn about your legal options and how we can help you.