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Common Factory Accidents That Result in Workers’ Compensation Claims

factory_injuryManufacturing jobs are desirable to many workers because of the potential for good wages and good benefits, such as health insurance and vacation and sick pay.

However, working in a factory can be dangerous. Accidents that result in someone suffering serious injuries or death are common. In Idaho, injured employees may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to pay medical bills and replace their wages if they must take time off work while they recover.

What Are Common Causes of Accidents at Factories?

Employees at manufacturing plants perform a variety of tasks, but the workplace injury hazards they face are often similar. Common causes of accidents and injuries that result in workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Overexertion. Working in a manufacturing plant can be a physically-demanding job that often includes standing for long periods of time and lifting heavy objects. Employees can suffer musculoskeletal problems such as torn tendons, ligaments, and muscles; or wear out cartilage between joints. Most people suffer injuries of this type in their shoulders, neck, back, and knees as a result of overexertion, especially if they continue to work after injured.
  • Repetitive motion. Employees on assembly lines or loading docks can perform the same motion over and over again. This can result in repetitive motion injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and bursitis.
  • Forklifts. Forklift operators may be seriously hurt if the machine tips over, falls off a dock, or ejects someone. In addition, nearby co-workers can be hurt if the operator doesn't see them and hits them with the forklift.
  • Harmful substances. Factory workers might be exposed to toxic chemicals and hazardous substances that can cause burns and occupational illnesses, such as cancer, that are sometimes life-threatening.
  • Caught between objects. If workers are trapped between heavy machinery or objects, they can suffer internal organ damage, traumatic brain injury, crushing injuries, or death.
  • Fires or explosions. Because of the flammable materials used and stored in manufacturing plants, workers can suffer catastrophic injuries or die due to a fire or an explosion that traps them in their work areas.
  • Vehicle accidents. Factory workers for a large facility may need to drive a vehicle into a work area or between job sites. They might become seriously injured or die if involved in a vehicle accident.


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