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Why You Should File an Incident Report After a Premises Liability Injury

accident_reportMany people understand the importance of filing a police report after a car accident.
However, few people realize that it's important to officially document a slip and fall or other premises liability accident.
This type of incident report isn't filed by the police; you do it with business or property owners if you suffered an injury on their properties.

The Importance of an Accident Report for a Premises Liability Claim 

Filing an accident report is a crucial first step in your premises liability case that strengthens your claim and your right to compensation for your injuries. The report can actually avoid certain disputes with the insurance company. Here's why filing an accident report helps your case:

  • Documents the accident. Filing a report documents the fact that the accident occurred, as some insurance adjusters and business and property owners might try dispute the incident. An accident report filed promptly after you were injured helps refute any argument like this or keep it from being raised in the first place. If your injuries were apparent right after your accident, the report should note these as well.
  • Provides contact information. The incident report should provide you with contact information for the business or property owner, the insurance company, and possibly how to file a claim. It could also contain information on how to reach witnesses to your accident. This information is vital to collect right away before key witnesses disappear.
  • Provides details of the accident. When you file an accident report, you and the business owner or property manager will be careful to note important details about what happened and the conditions of the property at the accident scene. This documentation means you won't have to rely on memory for critical information.

If a business owner or property manager doesn't complete an incident report, or he or she tells you it's not necessary, you can prepare one using one of the company's proper forms, which the property is required to keep on hand by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. You may need to provide a copy of it to the insurance adjuster when you file your claim.

Do you need to file a claim for compensation after an injury on another’s property? Alan Morton can assist with this process, as well as collect crucial evidence to prove your case, and negotiate your settlement. To schedule your free case evaluation, call our office today.