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Can You Hold an Idaho Hospital Accountable When a Nurse Botches Your Medical Care?

Nurses and other hospital employees are charged with keeping patients safe and alive. Their jobs encompass a variety of tasks centered on that main goal. Nurses monitor patients’ conditions, listen to the patient’s concerns, report issues to the doctor, administer medications, and relay information from the doctor to the patient and the patient’s family.

Many patients rely heavily on their nurses and trust them completely

Many patients trust their nurses completely. A patient relies on a nurse for assistance and even for compassion. A patient trusts the nurse to educate him or her about medical conditions in terms that the patient understands. Sometimes a patient views a nurse as a bridge between the patient and the patient’s family. The nurse serves as a doorman, keeping out unwelcome visitors and ushering in loved ones. Sometimes nurses share practical information and simple tips that can make huge differences in how patients feel. No wonder many patients think the world of their nurses.

When nurses fail to perform, Idaho hospitals may be held liable

When a nurse or another hospital worker fails to adequately perform her job, serious consequences can result. Patients can suffer trauma, lapse into comas, and even die. A nurse has a duty to respond to medical emergencies and to accurately convey vital information to a doctor. If a nurse fails to do so and a patient suffers injuries or dies, the hospital may be held accountable.

What are common nursing errors?

Common nursing errors that can lead to a Boise medical malpractice lawsuit include:

  • Failure to alert the doctor when a patient’s condition worsens
  • Failure to accurately track vital information and to convey this information to the doctor
  • Failure to properly monitor a patient post-surgery
  • Failure to give patients an accurate dose of medication
  • Failure to train a patient or a patient’s family regarding medical devices
  • Failure to report a doctor or another nurse who commits errors

Has a nurse’s mistake contributed to your health problems or the health problems of your loved one?

If you believe a nurse’s mistake impacted your life, contact Idaho medical malpractice attorney Alan L. Morton of Morton Law Offices, Chartered. You may contact him at 888-716-8021 or by filling out an online form. You may be eligible to receive compensation for all your losses, including the costs of an extended hospitalization or additional medical care to repair the damage done by negligence.