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What Are Common Causes of Accidents at Gas Stations?

gas_stationFor many people, filling up their vehicle's gas tank is a weekly chore. While at the station, they might also use the rest room, or pick up a snack or a gallon of milk.

While most folks go to a gas station thousands of times without incident, others may suffer serious injuries in an accident either outside at the pumps or inside the gas station convenience store.

Common Ways Customers Suffer Injuries While at a Gas Station

Like other business and property owners, gas station owners have a duty to keep their establishments reasonably safe, and to warn customers of hazards. Since gas stations have a high volume of people each day, accidents can happen when owners don't take this duty seriously.

Common ways that people are hurt at gas stations include:

  • Slip and falls. The dangers of a slip and fall accident are present both outside and inside a gas station. Ice and slick pavement, gas and oil spills, potholes, cracks in pavement, and spills and debris left by other patrons are a few of the dangers at the pumps. Spilled food and drink, debris, boxes of merchandise, and slippery restroom floors are a few of the causes inside the convenience store.
  • Negligent security. Gas stations can be dangerous, especially at night. When owners fail to provide adequate lighting and security against foreseeable criminal activities, customers can be the victim of an assault, robbery, or worse.
  • Defective gas nozzles. Customers can be injured while pumping gas if a gas nozzle is defective or becomes sharp and abrasive from wear and tear; the trigger malfunctions; or the hose doesn't work properly and snaps the nozzle into a person’s face or body.
  • Gas burns. A person can suffer a serious gas or diesel burns if there's the nozzle or hose leaks, or the shut-off valves are faulty.
  • Vapor inhalation. When the gas bays aren't properly ventilated, a customer can suffer vapor inhalation, scorching from fumes, or carbon monoxide from other nearby idling vehicles.
  • Explosions or fires. A customer can suffer catastrophic injuries or death in an explosion or fire if defective equipment isn't repaired, wiring is left exposed, or a person throws a lit cigarette onto the pavement.
  • Pedestrian and vehicle accidents. When a gas station doesn't clearly separate the pump area from vehicles or drivers are negligent, pedestrians in the parking lot can be hit, or a vehicle collision can occur.


If you were injured in an accident in a gas station, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the negligent owner or other parties. However, you'll need the assistance of an experienced premises liability attorney to receive what you deserve. Fill out our online form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.