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How Often Should an Attorney Contact You With Updates on Your Personal Injury Case?

woman talking with attorneyWhen you decided on which attorney to hire for your personal injury case, hopefully you based your decision in part on how well the two of you communicated. Good relations with your attorney are important, because you're working together to build your case. However, you may not know how often you can expect to hear from your attorney, or what to do if you have questions.


Guidelines on How to Communicate With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

There isn't a set rule on how often you should hear from your attorney about the case. It depends on what's going on in it. Essentially, you should contact him or her when you need to if you have a question about your case, something you need to discuss about it, or want a progress update.

Here are some guidelines regarding communications with your attorney:

  • At your initial consultation, your attorney may discuss how frequently he communicates with clients. If not, ask him about this the next time you talk to him. You also want to know his preferred form of communication is—email or telephone.
  • Your attorney should answer your emails and telephone calls promptly—generally between one and two business days.
  • Your attorney should keep you updated on the status of your case on a regular basis. However, these updates may vary based on the timeline and progress of your case. When your attorney is getting closer to reaching a settlement in your case or at other key times, like hearings on motions, depositions, or your trial, he may need to contact you much more frequently.
  • Keep in mind that there could be periods of time, like when your attorney is waiting for you to complete your medical treatments, when not much is happening on your case. Consequently, you may not talk with the legal team unless you have a question.
  • If you're unable to reach your attorney, ask to speak to his administrative assistant. It may be that he's out of the office at a trial; at a lot of court hearings; or on vacation. She can explain this or relay a more personal message to your attorney to call you. Another option is to ask her to schedule a phone consultation with your attorney.
  • If you're not satisfied about the flow of communication, speak to your attorney about it. Hopefully, he will have a good explanation as to why he has been out of touch, or will understand he needs to stay in better contact with you in the future.
  • If you always have a lot of questions, try to think of them all and write them down before you talk to your attorney. You want to make each conversation with your attorney as productive as possible, because you are both busy people.


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