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Understanding Idaho Workers’ Compensation Like the Back of Your Hand

As a hard working individual, you show up to your job each day ready and willing to perform your duties. One day, everything changes when you become the victim of a random accident at work. A heavy crate fell onto your left hand. You are unable to work and are now having to face the hefty medical bills relating to your injury. What are your options? Fortunately, you may be eligible to receive Idaho workers’ compensation benefits to supplement your lost income and increasing bills. If you are new to the workers’ compensation system, however, you may be unclear as to how it all works. The following is a helpful overview:

Workers’ Compensation: What Is it?

Workers’ compensation is a benefit available to employees who become injured on the job in Idaho. Contrary to popular belief, it is the employer—not the state—that is responsible for the payment of the benefits. This system does not factor in employee fault when granting or denying claims. In exchange, employees sacrifice their right to sue their employer for certain types of damages.

What Is Covered?

Any injury that is caused by an accident at work, or classified as an occupational disease, is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Accidents are further defined to mean events that are unexpected and which can be reasonably identified by a specific time and place. An example would be a back injury caused by lifting heavy supplies for an hour. Occupational diseases are conditions that are caused by exposure to a hazard in the workplace over a period of time. Symptoms from the disease may be delayed. Examples of occupational diseases include asbestos injuries, chemical poisonings, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

What Should I Do Next?

Worker’s compensation claims are subject to strict time limitations. If you have suffered an injury at the workplace, it is vital that you do not delay seeking assistance from an attorney. Waiting too long could result in the loss of your ability to obtain the benefits you deserve.

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Alan Morton
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